What language do they speak in Bahrain?

Have you ever wonder what languages they speak in countries that you’ve heard of before but never got any information about them?

Do you know where Bahrain is and what’s unique about it? Well in this article I’m going to gather as much information as I can to help you find out more about the country and what it’s all about. There is something very interesting about the country, especially when it comes to the official language.

The Kingdom of Bahrain is one of the island countries that is extremely close to Qatar. The population of Bahrain is not that little as in the last research population it shows that the country has over 1 million citizens, over half of which are not even native but immigrants who moved there.

The country has immigrants from all over the world

When you think about a country that’s located in the Persian Gulf and close to the likes of Saudi Arabia and Qatar you would think that the official language is only Arabic.

Turns out that besides Arabic, the English language is semiofficial in the country

The main reasons why would be the population and the location of the country itself. It’s close to Saudi Arabia and the Arabic language in that part of Asia is the primary language that people use.

There are also the immigrants who live there and that could be the reason why English is a semiofficial language as well.

There are some very interesting facts that should also be mentioned when it comes to the countries from the Arabic Peninsula.

The country which is close to Bahrain, Qatar, also has English listed as common but not an official or semiofficial language

This means that at some part of the population actually uses it. The bigger countries such as Oman, Kuwait, Yemen, and the United Arab Emirates have Arabic as the official language and other languages such as English don’t figure, despite the fact that the diversity of nationalities in these countries is most definitely bigger.

So it turns out that country like Bahrain has two official languages despite being one of the smallest in the Arabian Peninsula.

While doing these researches, and many others, it was revealed that English is widely spoken in that area. Hence both Qatar and Bahrain have it close to the official language. Most of the population is widely using it in that territory and that has to lead to the language to be verified as one of the mainly used.

The commercial institutions and road signs are bilingual. They are written in both Arabic and English because of the population. English is also playing a big role in the educational system of Bahrain. There are different schools, councils, and centers in English that help the rest of the population learn it.

Besides that, there are also universities who have English be a part of some of the studies. Those are just some of the reasons why English serves as a semiofficial language in Bahrain.

Arabic is still the official language mainly because this is a country in the Arabian Peninsula.

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