Bahrain visa requirements for US citizens

Bahrain is a tiny Arab state that can is found in a bay on the southwestern coast of the Gulf of Persia. It is a group of islands comprising the main island and about 30 smaller islands. The name “Bahrain” translates to “two seas” in English. It is the place where the ancient Dilmun civilization existed and is famous for pearl fisheries.

If you want to feel the true essence of an Arab dessert and tour historic sites, this is the place to go to.

Bahrain Visa Requirements

If you are traveling from the US to Bahrain, you must first secure an official tourist visa. You can get this from the Bahrain embassy, which can be a rather lengthy and complicated process with a lot of applications. The easiest option is to apply for an electronic tourist visa.

You can also get and pay for a visa on arrival, but it is recommended to secure a visa before you travel.

Special Conditions

There are some rules for specific passport types and visit purposes for Bahrain visa requirements:

  • Holders of US diplomatic and official passports can get a zero-fee visa, valid for two weeks on arrival at Bahrain.
  • Journalists who want to travel to Bahrain for journalism must apply for a journalism visa

Types of Visa

The different types of Bahrain visa are as follows:

  • Internet: This is the eVisa that can be applied online
  • On Arrival: This means that you can go to Bahrain without a visa and obtain one at the port of entry.
  • Embassy: This means that you must contact the nearest Bahrain embassy and apply for a visa.
  • Sponsor: This means that you should contact a visa sponsor and arrange for a visa beforehand. Registered travel agents, huge hotels, and airlines in Bahrain can be your visa sponsor.

Documents Required for eVisa

For a hassle-free travel experience, apply online for a tourist eVisa with the following documents ready:

  • A valid passport for at least six months from the date of departure.
  • A valid email address as your eVisa will be sent to this email address.
  • A return flight ticket for proving that you will return to the USA after your stay is over.
  • Some financial documents like a bank statement to prove that you can support yourself during your trip
  • A means of payment online, like credit or debit cards, Paypal, and so on.

How to Apply for an eVisa?

To apply for an eVisa, you must:

  1. Go to the official site for Bahrain eVisa.
  2. Enter all the relevant details in the form displayed.
  3. Select your nationality as “US.”
  4. Enter the Captcha code.
  5. Select your visa type as the eVisa.
  6. Enter all relevant details and complete this online form.
  7. Pay online visa fees through an online payment method.

You should get your eVisa in your email address.

For a hassle-free trip, complete your visa documentation and processing a little ahead of time and enjoy all that Bahrain has to offer!

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